Shikwa - Mehrabon Wali Haveli, less than 30 Kilometres from the historic Red Fort of Delhi is located on the mound of village Katha on the banks of river Yamuna in the National Capital Region of Delhi on Delhi-Saharanpur-Gangotri (The source of river Ganga) Highway.

The 15 year long painstaking and meticulous process of extensive restoration, reconstruction, renovation, refurbishing and furnishing, completed in 2009, has brought this more than 700 hundred years old structure to its glory of the era gone by. Today, commanding a majestic view of the Yamuna, the fields and the vast plains as far as the eyes can see, the Mehrabon Wali Haveli is adorned with Chajjas, Chhatris, pillars and columns, stone jalis, jharokas, fountains, exquisite doors and hundreds of Mehrabs.

The Haveli's six Guest Rooms with modern attached Bathrooms, four Lounges, a Hall and three Special Rooms have been aesthetically, tastefully, elegantly and artistically furnished, preserving the great heritage and ambience of the era gone by with the comforts of now.

In the middle of a living Indian village but away from all distractions and yet so close to the capital city of Delhi, Shikwa – Mehrabon Wali Haveli with its beautiful and romantic Guest Rooms, Lounges, Halls, Special Rooms, Gardens and Courts, Baradari and the loving and affectionate hospitality of its owner Shariq Bin Raza, his wife Alka and son Sahil, is an ideal place for an experience of the lifestyles of the royals, the nobles and the landlords of yesteryears, for rest and recuperation and the luxury of leisure.