Social Responsibility

Sensitive to the fellow human beings, particularly the underprivileged and the disadvantaged, Shariq Bin Raza and Alka Raza have worked extensively, inter-alia, in the areas of diplomacy, development,  rights of the people, democracy, media and communication in different parts of the world and in India.

Committed to the welfare and development of the people, on their return to village Katha, Shariq and Alka, along with their son, Sahil with their personal resources - financial and non-financial, initiated a number of programs and activities to support and contribute to the development of the underprivileged and the disadvantaged.
One of these initiatives is the establishment of “NJB - Women Empowerment Centre”.

Women Empowerment Centre

NJB-WEC supports the development of and provides a forum to under privileged, disadvantaged and deprived young and adolescent girls, particularly those who do not have opportunities to go to school, have dropped out of the school and/or are normally not allowed to leave their homes . It also organizes special events and activities for children.

Short training classes in personal grooming and hygiene, tailoring and design, scholastic support, basic computer training and counselling for women victims of domestic violence are organized under the aegis of the centre. Talks and presentations on health and hygiene by special guests, cultural activities, celebrations and educational trips have been immensely popular and useful for the gradual but noticeable overall development of these girls.

These programmes and activities are also having a positive impact on the income generating capacities and potentials for enhancing personal incomes of many of the girls.

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25 per cent of all income from the Home Stay Programme goes to the welfare and development of the underprivileged and the disadvantaged through the Social Responsibility initiatives.